Unified Payment ServiceUnified Payment Service


This page contains the most common questions that come in technical support and answers to them. Please refer to the information below before contacting technical support.

The system says that I do not live in a dorm

Some services are only available to residents of hostels. A single payment service receives information about this from the relevant database, but in rare cases, the information may not correspond to reality (for example, your settlement was not at the beginning of the school year).

You need to contact any inspector in the settlement department in order to have your full name entered in the database. This is a one-time procedure that will allow you to make payments quickly and conveniently through the Unified Payment Service.

I see an error when paying by receipt
«Check the correctness of entering the number of the receipt code bar»

To reduce errors when crediting payments, the system checks the number of each receipt for correctness. We are checking:

  • To whom the receipt is issued
  • Match the receipt number of the paid service

If you have entered the correct barcode and see this error, then:

  1. Make sure that you try to make a payment on the appropriate page (receipts for payment of accommodation or additional services are different).
  2. Check that the payer's name corresponds to the name on which the receipt is issued:

If the payer's name is different, and the field is blocked for editing, then contact technical support, which will help bring the data to a single form. In rare cases it happens that there may be no middle name, or during the training there was a change of surname.


The system reports that I am in arrears,
so I can not pay for campus services

If there is a debt to pay for additional services campus is impossible. To find out the cause of the debt, you must contact the settlement department. Perhaps there is a technical delay associated with updating the account balance (see the making question).

I paid for accommodation, but I still see debts in my account

Payments are credited instantly. However, the balance of the personal account is updated in semi-automatic mode within 5 business days from the date of payment. If more than five working days have passed since payment, it is recommended to contact the settlement department.

Please note that after payment, an electronic check is sent to the post office with the actual date of payment and other details of the order.

If the payment was made a few days before the formation of receipts for accommodation, then its amount may differ from the actual and increased by the amount for the previous month. Note that in this case, when paying through the Unified Payment Service, you have the opportunity to specify any value in the "Amount" field.

I did not receive a payment receipt

Perhaps, when paying, there was a typo in the email address. mail or letter fell into the "Spam" folder. Contact technical support, providing payment details:

  • Full name of the payer
  • Date
  • Order number (if you remember)
  • Approximate amount of payment
  • Correct email address mail to re-send check

The money from the card has been debited, but the order status in the personal account has not changed

This could happen if there were problems with the connection at the time of payment. Today, the system is able to take into account such scenarios, however, if a similar situation arises, you should still be provided with a service upon presentation of a payment receipt that arrives in the mail after payment.

You can also contact technical support, giving details of the payment. We will find a payment and, if necessary, update the status.