Unified Payment ServiceUnified Payment Service

Refund policy

If customers return an item they have purchased or refuse to use the services they have paid for, a refund is made at the request of the customer in accordance with the rules of St Petersburg University.

To receive a refund, you should submit an application to the department that have to provide the services you refuse to use.

Return algorithm

  1. Fill out the application, indicating all the details of the card with which the payment was made, and an electronic receipt for payment. Sign the document.
  2. Send electronically or hand over to the person responsible for providing the service. For example, when returning a museum ticket, an application can be sent to: excursions@spbu.ru .
  3. After the verification, the funds will be returned to the card from which the payment was made. Please note that a representative of St Petersburg University may contact you to clarify the details.
  4. Taking into account the terms and conditions of banks and the regulations of St Petersburg University, it may take up to 30 calendar days to receive a refund.

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