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Русский как иностранный: B1+. Russian as a foreign language: B1+


This course is taught in Russian language.


The goal of this course is to summarize in a comprehensive way the knowledge and communicative skills of Russian as a Foreign Language in the framework of level B1. This course has a cross-cultural context, it introduces the listener to the Russian lifestyle and way of thinking.


The course includes educational video lectures, podcasts, authentic texts for reading and listening, blocks of grammar, speaking and cross-reference assignments.


The course consists of 8 weeks, in which you can summarize your knowledge of the topics included in the Standard TRKI-1:


I. Travel. Telling about yourself;

II. Getting to know the city. A walk in the town. Cultural and historical monuments;

III. Healthy lifestyle. At the stadium. In the sports club;

IV. Hobbies. Types of hobbies. Social survey;


Each topic includes:

■ a situational-topical minimum: oral speaking genres (watching video lectures, listening to the podcast, speaking and writing assignments);

■ authentic texts for reading and listening;

■ grammar, which provides understanding and production of the texts, according to the level B1 (description, narration, instruction, argumentation, explanation);

■ assignments to each of the parts, as well as peer-assignments, which gives the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to create one’s own oral and written texts and assess other learners.


For continuation of your studies see our next course https://www.coursera.org/learn/rki-b1-2 

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